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Elanza Digital™ applies a systems engineering approach to LED Technology development and deployment, incorporating formal requirements analysis, traceable application development and implementation, in-line testing for performance, usability, and function, and full-scale regression and acceptance testing.

Elanza Digital™ Rapid Implementation Services are built around our defined, repeatable processes and methodologies, coupled with our diverse, configurable set of components, that enable us to provide our customers with LED Technology Solutions and implementation solutions quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.

Engneering Design

The comprehensive engineering design encompasses complete custom design of the Elanza Digital™ LED Products & Services to meet the custom specific requirements of the LED Display Project and the Customer. Each Elanza Digital™ LED product is custom built for the required specifactions and detailed in its conceptualization and design as per customer needs and project requirements. This design engineering consist of :

  • LED Cabinet and Module level design
  • Structural Engineering & Mechanical Design
  • Electrical Configuration
  • Control System Design
  • Content Management Design
  • Aesthetic Presentation.