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Elanza DigiMesh™ - Surface Contour LED Displays




Product Description

Elanza DigiMesh™ technology is essentially an Outdoor LED solution which can be installed on any kind of building surface making the outdoor LED solution extremely flexible, light weight& brighter and most importantly independent to install on any kind of surface contour. ElanzaDigiMesh™ LED solution is perfect for curved building surfaces and glass wall high rise buildings that need transparency, as the display can adapt to any building contour.

Elanza DigiMesh™ is available in Outdoor LED configurations from 10mm to 24mm, and provides transparency and see through capabilities upto 60% for glass surfaces. Unlike bulky , cumbersome fixed frame displays that limit the size, adapatibility and flexibility of traditional LED cabinet displays, Elanza DigiMesh™ offers the capability of larger , lightweight and far brighter outdoor LED display capability that will dazzle the viewers from distances far and wide.

Elanza DigiMesh™ is flexible enough to wrap around the corners of buildings and large enough to dress an unprecedented 30 stories or more. This is a highly specialized LED technology and each display is custom built by Elanza Technologies using Cree or Nichia LED chips. More specifically each Elanza DigiMesh™ display is custom built to meet the building contour and elevation requirements, and custom fit requirements.