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Elanza Digital™ - LED Billboard Displays




Product Description

Elanza Technologies Inc., has an expanded line of high brightness LED billboard displays – indoor and outdoor, designed and delivered to customers under the Elanza Digital™ brand name and custom built-to-order, high resolution LED panels.

Seamless when integrated and available in various pixel pitches ranging from 0.6mm to 60mm, Elanza Digital™ LED displays are suited to various indoor and outdoor applications such as retail, casinos, malls, advertising, corporate brandings, sports facilities, architectural landscapes, entertainment venues and multiple control room environments—where 24/7/365 reliability is required.

LED Billboard Displays walls have become a viable technology for many indoor and outdoor applications,” and depending on customers’ needs, Elanza Digital™ LED displays can be mounted in a variety of orientations, including curved, suspended from ceilings and structures or connected to each other to create a seamless array.

Elanza Digital™ provides complete system integration servives, content management services, remote network management and streaming solutions, as well as enhanced service plans and on-site support for all Elanza Digital™ LED Billboards.

Additionally, Elanza Digital™ billboards are covered through a 2-year warranty, with warranty extension options.