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Product Description

Elanza StreetTalk™ displays refer to mainly Outdoor MUPI displays that are essentially meant for installation on pavements, sidewalks and curb sides for high definition road side advertising on a MUPI scale.

Available in 3 different sizes for Outdoor MUPIS (h x w) – 1.34m x 1.44, 1.56m x 2.44m and 1.56m x 2.64m , these Elanza StreetTalk™ displays are highly flexible in their installation mode – be it floor standing, wall, pedestal or pole .

Elanza StreetTalk™ MUPI displays are available in Single Side or Dual side mode options, and have built-in power supply and air conditioning duct consoles allowing for rapid installation and user friendly operation 24/7.

Elanza StreetTalk™ offers sleek and superior design with a stainless steel outer casing to meet the environmental and architectural requirements of the surrounding area. These MUPI displays target and emphasize the creative message and advertising instead of focusing on the medium, with vibrant images and unsurpassed picture quality. Elanza StreetTalk™ MUPI displays are sun cutters and boasting a brightness capability ranging from 6000 NITs to 10,000 NITS to to overcome the most demanding of sun lighting conditions.