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Custom LED Engineering Design

The comprehensive engineering design encompasses complete custom design of the Elanza Digital™ LED Products & Services to meet the custom specific requirements of the LED Display Project and the Customer. Each Elanza Digital™ LED product is custom built for the required specifactions and detailed in its conceptualization and design as per customer needs and project requirements. This design engineering consist of :

  • LED Cabinet and Module level design
  • Structural Engineering & Mechanical Design
  • Electrical Configuration
  • Control System Design
  • Content Management Design
  • Aesthetic Presentation.

When you select Elanza Digital™ , we work with your organization, no matter what the size, on a step by step methodology to map out an LED solution that will bring business strategy , digital communication and your LED vision to reality. With our extensive range and multitude of LED technology perspectives , architectural engineering and design, media management processing and content management systems, we help customers create the world’s most memorable boutique design concepts and visual experiences.

Implementation & Installation Services

Elanza Technologies Inc., provides full turnkey implementation and installation services for all our products, inclusiding supervision and verification of third party products & services (such as mechanical truss design, electrical circuit laypout, etc) required during the implementation phase of the Proejct.

Elanza Technologies will ensure and contuniually conducts a verification process at each and every stage of the project, to ensure that all implemnation and installation services meet the exact and actual engineering design specicfcations and requirements as presented in the detailed engineering CAD/CAM drawingsare adhered to as per exact detailed specifciations provided by the company.