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The Company

Elanza Technologies Inc., is a leading manufacturer of LED based digital media and digital convergence technologies with over 15 years of experience in custom manufacturing and fabricating digital media technologies , namely LED technology, to meet custom specific client requirements. The focus of the company is to provide innovative and state-of-the-art LED and Digital Media Technologies, coupled with related consulting services, strategy definition and comprehensive content management services.

Elanza Technologies is a well-experienced company that designs, manufactures, installs & implements, services & maintains exemplary digital media solutions through the innovative use of its next generation LED technologies. Founded in January 2001,Elanza Technologies Inc., alongwith its cross functional team that includes management, engineers and content creative specialists, has developed a comprehensive consulting methodology approach to all its digital media and LED projects . This approach is holistic and involves complete client buy-in through an innovative use of exemplary design methodologies and process engineering and consulting approach across industry verticals to meet ultimate needs of a digital media and LED Technology set up for a client, ensuring a recurring ROI on the investment for the client over the life of the digtal media and LED solutions.

Advancements in LED technology have enabled customers to have various functionalities with their digiotal media initiatives never imagined before. Equipped with power-efficient design and small form-factor, even with the integrated peripheral instruments, Elanza Technologies advanced range of LED products and solutions are highly likely to have significant effects on the viewing audience . Based on the philosophy of “Innovating LED Technology using American Ingenuity and Global Technology”, Elanza Technologies will continue to grow as an industry leader by offering best-of-breed digital media and LED technologies and creating customer-oriented values through innovative management, creative thinking and genuine professionalism.


The company's innovation began in 2001 with its proprietary brand and trademark of "Elanza™ LED Displays". Subsequently with the evolution of the LED market, growth in the industry and the need to form a unique brand identity, Elanza Technologies launched a new range of custom LED technology products under its new and innovative branding as Elanza Digital in 2008. Elanza's manufacturing base has been achieved as a result of an understanding with a world renowned OEM for the development of all Elanza Digital™ products based on SMD and DIP Chip technologies using state-of-the-art custom-built design and engineering platforms. The company currently has multiple innovative LED Display product lines - ElanzaDigiglass, ElanzaDigiMesh, Elanza Digital Billboard, ElanzaSuperMatrixand ElanzaStreetTalk

Elanza Technologies Inc., has been focusing on market-leading high value LED products in three major focus segments of Transparent LED Display Technology, Flexible LED Display Technology and Exemplary Indoor & Outdoor Convergent LED Display solutions, with its proprietary “Elanza Digital™” brand and trademarks. Elanza Technologies has accumulated immense experience in Engineering Design, Systems Design, Data Signal Processing Technology, Analog Design and LED design technologies.

Whether you are a multinational corporation or a small business, Elanza Technologies Inc. works with each company using a holistic consulting approach to define the digital media requirements for your organization. An Elanza Technologies digital media and LED sign will increase your walk-in traffic and in turn increase sales.