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Privacy Policy

  • Elanza Technologies Inc.,is committed to meeting all of our obligations to our customers to protect their data and only to collect, use and disclose it for authorized purposes. Elanza Technologies is equally committed to abiding by all applicable domestic, national and international privacy laws.
  • Elanza Technologies under its Elanza Digital™ trademark and brand identity is principally a LED Solutions manufacturer and Digital Media Solutions provider. In general, data collected, used, or disclosed by Elanza Technologies is processed by the company on behalf of and as directed by our business customers. Elanza Technologies Inc., expects any of our business customers who do collect, use or disclose personally identifiable information and who use Elanza Technologies to process that information to adhere to fair information privacy standards, including the principles of consumer notice, choice, consent and control, fairness and integrity.
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    2. 2. Documents and images are not used for commercial purposes.
    3. 3. Documents, images or portions thereof must include this copyright notice.
    4. 4. Products, technologies and processes described in this website ( may be subject of ElanzaTechnologies Intellectual Property rights and are not licensed here under.

  • To protect privacy, it is Elanza Technologies policy and practice not to merge profiling or other usage data obtained in the course of providing services to our customers with the personally identifiable information of consumers. ElanzaTechnologies will not knowingly merge such data, except with notice to and consent by the data subject, except as may be legally required for law enforcement, judicial or similar purposes.
  • Elanza Technologies Site Visitor Analysis Service uses a third party, Website Visitor Analysis service by Qualispace Corporation, to collect non-personally identifiable information about end users and those browsing this website (