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Elanza Digiglass™ - Glass Wall LED Displays




Product Description

Elanza Digiglass™ technology is suitable for implementation on any surfaces that require transparency and see through options. Ideally glass wall showrooms are a perfect fit for the Elanza Digiglass™ technology. This state-of-the-art transparent Glass Wall display will provide a competitive edge to showrooms and is a paradigm shift in showroom technology, specifically glass wall showrooms.

Elanza Digiglass™ is a revolutionary product for glass facades and buildings wherein the LED diodes are embedded directly into the glass itself and the LED display can be installed directly behind the glass wall of buildings. Automobile Dealer facades are ideal for the Elanza Digiglass™ implementation in order to attract customers through this digital media façade. Elanza Digiglass™ is easy and modular in installation, and provides upto 80% transparency, whilst also allowing you to target your viewing audience with videos, animations and static images. The technology is full HD Compatible and picture resolution conforms to 1080p resolution levels.

Elanza Digiglass™ technology is available for both Indoor and Outdoor deployments ranging in pixel pitch format of 5mm to 20mm. Elanza Digiglass™ is developed using the world’s best LED chips - Cree and Nichia chips, and also provides 3.2 Trillion Colors with upto 80% transparency. This also makes it possible to now make any glass building into an LED Wall without installing anything on the outside of the building. The glass is custom cut and sized to fit the existing glass wall. Elanza Technologies will custom build each solution to build a perfect fit and installation for any size of the display.

The Outdoor version of the Elanza Digiglass™ uses UV LED Chips with enhanced brightness capabilities making the display visible from as far away as 500m , i.e. the Elanza Digiglass™ display can also be visible from the highways and expressway, thereby increasing the visualization of any kind of glass wall, such as Automobile Showrooms, Concerts halls, Malls, Corporate Glass Facades, Banks & Financial institutions, etc.

Elanza Technologies will provide the full turnkey implementation of the Elanza Digiglass™ technology with local technical support and annual maintenance services.