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Elanza Technologies works and uses the world's best LED Chips, ICs and electronics to build boutique edge LED display solutions that are unique in design and engineering and exemplary from a visual standpoint. The Elanza Digital™ range of LED display products are OEM manufactured at the worlds leading ISO 9001 and ISO14001 rated manufacturing facilities at world class standards, using the latest and state-of-the-art Digital LED display technologies.

More than a decade of LED Technology experience, Elanza Technologies has met the needs of hundreds of retail and commercial customers. Our sales, engineering and manufacturing operations are organized and dedicated to delivering high quality, unique designs and concepts, and custom built LED displays and advertising systems that make the viewing experience for each person the best it can possibly be.

Elanza Technologies has the unique and rare advantage of designing custom built LED displays for any kind of surface or façade. Our core competence and design concepts are a product of a holistic and consulting approach that the company has adopted in dealing with its customers and their individual requirements. We strongly believe that “one solution cannot fit all “ and therefor we undertake exceptional boutique design projects and custom build solutions with our degreed engineers and OEM designing the most capable, versatile and literally flexible LED displays and advertising display systems

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