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Revenue Generating Opportunities

Elanza Technologies Inc., is a next generation LED display and Digital Media technology company that provides full turnkey implementation of LED Display technologies. We provide top of the line media delivery and digital visualization LED technologies that help create not just iconic LED installations and Digital Visualization Experiences for our customers, but also exceptional branding and revenue generating opportunities with their LED investments. As a leading LED display manaufacturer for the DOOH sector, Elanza Technologies works with various customers verticals, be it a small retailer or a large iconic building owner to create revenue generating opportunities for our clients.

Revenue Identification & Connection

Having a plan when it comes to revenue generating opportunities on your Elanza Digital™ LED display is key to the success of our client DOOH business. Those who have a strategy in place and explore the newest trends see the best ROI on their Elanza Digital™ LEDdisplays.

So how do you develop the best plan for your business? That’s where we come in. Elanza Technologies uses its proven track record in LED design , engineering, installation and implementation services to deliver large scale projects and resources to create and generate reoccurring and repetitive revenue opportunities for our customers for both short and long term. We work with our customers using a consulting methodology and proven LED process engineering solutions to help our clients develop their DOOH businesses and realize their revenue potential using the state-of-the-art and exceptional Elanza Digital™ LED products.

What’s so important about having a DOOH sales strategy?

Elanza Digital™ products act as a digital gateway and a communications portal between the DOOH advertiser and the consumer, and the outside world. Therefore its paramount for our customers to understand the need for a DOOH Sales Strategy.
A strategy in any sense helps you achieve your goals. We have yet to meet a LED display owner that doesn’t list making money as one of their top goals. A defined DOOH sales strategy helps outline how a company will achieve their goal of generating revenue, identify how aggressive they need to be to reach their goals and what is the right approach for each owner’s business model.
Towards this end, Elanza Technologies designs and installs powerful displays that generate engaging experiences and create advertising revenue opportunities for varying locations and brands. More imnportantly we also work with our customers to define a DOOH Sales Strategy to ensure maximum utilization and benefit from their LED investments and create exceptional brand equity and digital visualization opportunities for brands.

What are the top 5 questions that you get from digital billboard customers regarding DOOH ad sales?

  • How do we sell the benefits of digital to advertisers?
  • What are the hot trends in dynamic data?
  • How do we effectively sellout all ad space?
  • How are others using the DOOH ad grid space?
  • Who is advertising on digital?

Elanza Technologies will help elaborate on how display owners can educate potential clients on the benefits of advertising on digital LED displays. There are more benefits than we can cover here, but remember a lot of advertisers are new to digital LED Displays be it indoor or outdoor, and hence education is key.

Benefits of DOOH using Elanza Digital™ products and services:

  • It compliments all other forms of advertising.
  • Flexibility to update messages weekly, daily or hourly – in real-time.
  • Ability to communicate multiple messages or campaigns.
  • Digital billboards are built in prime locations, more lookers.
  • Limit certain ads to specific times of the day, use day-parting.
  • No printing or shipping costs.
  • And… Dynamic Data. Dynamic Data. Dynamic Data. Deliver real-time information to engage viewers in ways that other forms of advertising cannot. Think countdowns, live scores, time and temp, social media, election results, etc..

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